Product Ideas

Replace endpoint workflow in Console/API

For example, an end user has a laptop with the NetFoundry client installed on it. The laptop is a member of a number of endpoint groups, and service collections. If the laptop OS has to be wiped and re-installed today, then a new client endpoint must created in the Console, and given the same memberships as the existing client. Then the original client endpoint must be deleted. To replace a gateway hosting services, every service would need manually moved over to the new GW.

The solution may be as simple as a "clone" or "replace" workflow in the console/API. The workflow would do the job of creating a new endpoint, migrating existing associations to it, and disabling the original endpoint. Caamano and others may have ideas for how to go about it as well.

  • Shawn O'Hail
  • Apr 17 2018
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