Product Ideas

Console Feature: Searching/Sorting Functions

When "search" is added to Console, there a few things we should consider as options.


  1. Global Search: A field on DASHBOARD that allows the user to search all database items across the organization.
    • Tag Search: Ability to tag and search for tags in the system.
  2. Localized Search: A field on EACH SCREEN (AppWAN/Services/EPGroups/Clients/Gateways/Etc.) which allows the user to search all database items within that screen, or subsection based on current field highlighted (for example, search services on Gateway Screen for a specific Gateway highlighted).
  3. IP Search: The ability to search for a specific IP in a Service in the system.  This would return the Service's name for the IP searched for.
    • This would be useful for a user trying to figure out if an IP is contained within a Network Service or is explicitly called out in a Host Service.


  1. A-Z, Z-A Sorting
  2. IP CIDR and logical Ascending/Descending Order Search (IPs)
  3. Creation / Last Modification Time Ascending/Descending Order Sorting
  4. TRUE/FALSE Ascending/Descending Order Sorting (Online/Offline of Devices)
  5. Two Layer Sorting
    • This is very useful for sorting out large datasets (IE: First Online/Offline, then A-Z)
  • Nic Fragale
  • Apr 9 2018
  • Planned
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