Product Ideas

Console Feature: Quick Add to EndPoint Group

We need more shortcut-like features in Console.  The first that comes to mind is the ability to add a Client/Gateway to an EndPoint group (optional), which would dramatically cut down on the time spend finishing the provisioning of a device.  The API mechanism for this is unnecessary since the subsequent call after creation is in automation.

Other "Quick" features could be...

  • "Create Services on this Gateway Next" checkbox during device creation.
  • "Add this Client/Gateway to an AppWAN" field selector if the device is not going to be in an EndPoint Group.
  • "Create a new EndPoint Group and Add Device to it"
  • Main Page click function that can zoom to the EndPoint Groups, Services, or AppWAN screens with focus on that device
  • Nic Fragale
  • Mar 16 2018
  • Planned
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